Dante Virtual Soundcard

For users of Apple Macintosh computers: please note that there are two versions of Dante Virtual Soundcard shown below, optimized for either Intel processors or Apple Silicon processors (M series). To see what kind of processor your Mac uses, open “About This Mac” from the Apple Menu in the menu bar.

Note: Dante Virtual Soundcard for macOS v4.2.3 and Dante Virtual Soundcard for macOS v4.1.2 are functionally identical and differ only in system optimization.

Dante Virtual Soundcard v4.2.4.1 for macOS - Apple Silicon

Dante Virtual Soundcard v4.1.2.3 for macOS - Intel

Dante Virtual Soundcard v4.2.0.2 for Windows

Please see Release Notes for important information on the following:

  • Virtual machines
  • Need for Internet connection for activation


Dante Via

Dante Via for macOS v1.3.1.3

Dante Via for Windows v1.3.2.1

Please see Release Notes for important information on the following:

  • In order to complete the Dante Via installation process, you will be required to reboot your computer. It is advised that you do not install Dante Via until you are in a position to reboot your computer immediately after installation.
  • Internet connection needed for activation and occasional confirmation



Dante Controller

Dante Controller for macOS

Dante Controller, macOS v

Dante Controller for Windows

Dante Controller, Windows v
Log in to your audinate.com account to download Dante Controller


Dante Domain Manager

Dante Domain Manager v1.4.0.7

Dante AVIO Firmware

Use Dante Updater to obtain the latest firmware for your Dante AVIO devices. Dante Updater is included with Dante Controller.